Amanita Muscaria Wholesale

Discover the opportunity to procure Amanita muscaria, a psychedelic mushroom, in bulk from our selection. We proudly extend wholesale quantities across the entirety of the United States. These mushrooms boast an extensive history of ceremonial and medicinal uses, recognized for their transformative effects that beckon individuals intrigued by psychedelic encounters.

Our Amanita muscaria mushrooms are cultivated with meticulous care to adhere to the highest standards, guaranteeing an elevated level of quality. Our dedication lies in presenting unmatched freshness alongside the utmost competitive prices available.

The distinctive flavor profile exhibited by our cultivated Amanita muscaria caps stands unmatched. Countless contented customers have celebrated their exceptional quality—an assurance you're bound to corroborate.

As a preeminent source for premium dried Amanita muscaria mushrooms, our store stands unrivaled. Our muscimol products epitomize superior quality, complemented by unbeatable pricing.

Rigorous assessments of purity and potency are meticulously conducted on our muscimol offerings within a controlled laboratory setting. This painstaking procedure guarantees the delivery of the most exemplary products attainable. Don't procrastinate—seize the moment and secure your muscimol acquisition from us today! Additionally, keep in mind that microdosing with Amanita muscaria could potentially offer benefits such as heightened creativity, enhanced mood, and improved focus, as reported by some individuals who have embarked on this path.


We possess the capability to serve as your dependable provider, offering a monthly supply of up to 500 kilograms of Amanita muscaria.









We possess the capability to serve as your dependable provider, offering a monthly supply of up to 100 kilograms of Amanita pantherina.








• Minimum 1kg order.

• An additional charge for courier services will be applied to cover delivery.

• Payment details will be provided after the order placement.


We dispatch shipments from Washington (USA). Upon payment, you will receive a tracking number to monitor your delivery's status.

Mushrooms are dispatched in ZIP packages labeled "for external use only" to preempt unwarranted inquiries. Capsules, tinctures, and oils are dispatched as antiparasitic agents.

The shipping process typically takes 3-4 business days post-payment. In the event that the package encounters unexpected customs issues, a full refund will be issued, excluding the delivery fee. Such instances of returns are exceedingly rare, occurring only once per every 50 shipments.


If the product doesn't meet your expectations, you have the option to initiate a return within a 14-day period. Returns are accepted for whole caps, tinctures, oils, and chocolate even if the product has been opened. However, for capsules, returns are feasible only if the jar's seal remains intact.

Please note that the cost of shipping the returned goods is your responsibility. Once we receive the returned items at our warehouse, we will proceed to refund the funds to you.


Welcome to our exclusive avenue for acquiring Amanita muscaria, a renowned psychedelic mushroom, in bulk quantities. Our commitment to providing premium products has led us to extend wholesale opportunities throughout the United States. With a rich history steeped in ceremonial and medicinal usage, these mushrooms captivate those drawn to transformative psychedelic experiences.


Frequently Asked Questions

Muscimol, a compound present in Amanita muscaria mushrooms, can induce emotions of happiness, contentment, and altered perception. Furthermore, this psychoactive element showcases anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and anti-anxiety properties. Due to these attributes, it is occasionally chosen as an alternative to more traditional medicinal approaches.

It is crucial to acknowledge that muscimol wields significant potency and should not be taken lightly. It's strongly advised to seek advice from a medical expert before incorporating this compound into any specialized formulations.

What exactly is ibotenic acid? Ibotenic acid, another constituent found in Amanita muscaria mushrooms, shares a close relationship with muscimol, yet it doesn't exhibit the same type of psychoactivity. It does, however, share similar anti-inflammatory and antioxidant traits, although it lacks recognized anti-anxiety effects. Ibotenic acid may also possess certain cognitive-enhancing effects, but further research is imperative to validate this hypothesis.

Ibotenic acid undergoes conversion into muscimol within the body. It's important to note that consuming both compounds can intensify their effects. Therefore, mindful attention to dosage is crucial when using these substances.

Moreover, ensuring accurate mushroom identification and proper preparation is paramount. Caution is key when interacting with either compound. Gradually increasing dosage from a low starting point is the recommended approach to determine your suitable dosage. Excessive intake can lead to severe health complications.

Our production process is meticulously carried out. Our fly agaric caps undergo specialized drying, followed by storage in a cool, dry environment, and eventual vacuum-sealing. This procedure guarantees maximum potency.

We understand your concerns about avoiding subpar mushroom products. Thus, we dedicate significant effort to ensuring our offerings maintain top-tier quality.

Our prices are competitive, providing assurance that you receive optimal value for your investment. The mushrooms are safeguarded through continuous production in an ideal cool and dry environment.

Be attentive to possible side effects, including nausea, headaches, and dizziness.

While these dried caps hold historical and botanical significance, it's essential to note that they are toxic as per the U.S. Food and Drug Administration regulations, and are not meant for human consumption. We stand by our commitment to provide a complete refund if your purchase doesn't meet your satisfaction.

So, seize the opportunity and obtain some of the highest-quality Amanita muscaria mushroom products available today! With our quality assurance and competitive pricing, you can rest assured that you're receiving optimal value for your investment.


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